Alien from Bjorn Hurri concept.

I recently found a stunning concept art by Bjorn Hurri.
Take a look at his portfolio/sketchbook there is a lot a cool stuff, and crazy design creature.

I couldn’t resist making a digital sculpture for this cool alien.


Just for fun, a screenshot with a bronze shader (shader by stumpf)


And a turn table.

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5 Responses to “Alien from Bjorn Hurri concept.”

  1. max j. acosta Says:

    i would give anything to figure out how you go about a sculpture. i have zbrush..but can only do so much with it. i also went to school for this stuff but only with limited results. i have so many ideas inside my head waiting to burst into form. but let me just ask you this…are you against going into exact detail of how you sculpt an arm or say..a torso.. or leg. i mean alot of guys hide these techniques like they are secrets. but if more people knew how, there would be so much more out there to share and behold. i’m just curious if you would actually take someone thru the process of just the sculpting. mapping and materials don’t matter to me. i just would like to be able to make something of my own that is compelling..rather than be blown off to some lame
    tutorial. thanks for your time….. max

  2. Shuma Says:

    hi Max.
    I would like to help you but I don’t know if I could be very helpfull. There is no special trick for sculpture I guess, I am myself a selftaught so I don’t have great techniques.
    Everything is about observation, you need to understand how the mass flows, rythms and balance in the volume.
    In Zbrush try to go very slowly, and spend sometime on proportion without going too high in subdivision.
    If you want to sculpt character it’s also very important to study anatomy and know where muscle and bones are under the skin, even for aliens and monsters.
    I recommend you to read this article : Artist in action: Scott Eaton . He explains a really great approch of digital sculpting. There is a lot of material in Zbrush central for learning digital sculpting.
    Good luck for your future sculpting.

  3. meka Says:

    La classe, chapeau :)

  4. Mikey Says:

    Wow! You know, IO got concepts for my own alien creatures. I just wish I had this software so I could bring them to life.

  5. Jason Says:

    WOW! This alien is purely cool! Thanks!

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