WIP rollerblader – Highpoly

Here is the highpoly of my rollerblader sculpted in Zbrush.

I used a profesionnal skater whose name is Chris Haffey as a reference.

I will make a low polygon character for this one, and put him on action in a scene that I have in mind.

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6 Responses to “WIP rollerblader – Highpoly”

  1. Necco Says:

    very nice stuff!
    very nice rendering also!
    do you skate?
    what software do you use?

  2. Shuma Says:

    Hi Necco.
    Yes I used to skate as a teenager. I don’t pratice that much now but I still love this sport!
    This high-res model was done with Zbrush, basemesh done in Silo.

  3. Obbi Says:

    Very nice model and great render

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  5. pedro Says:

    hey man great job with the model. im a designer and a rollerblader aswell, i use 3d modelling programs to design and render, can you tell me what program have you used to create this one?? how long did it take? did you model the human aswell?
    gret details , keep rolling/designing

  6. shuma Says:

    Hi pedro, thanks.
    Concerning 3D programs I use Silo for modeling, Zbrush for sculpting and XSI for character Setup et rendering.
    I don’t remember exactly how much time it takes to made him, and it was for testing next gen game character creation, so there was some trial and error :)
    But as for now creating a charater like this will take about 2 weeks.
    I didn’t model all the body in detail, just building the form of it, to use as reference to build cloth on top of it.
    keep rolling :)

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