My rollerblader was recently picked and displayed on rollernews website, and remind me I have never posted the finished character.

So there he is.
The charater is under 8500 tris 2048 map for color, normal and specular, ready to go in a next gen game :)

rendered in XSI with simple point light

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  2. Dre Says:

    That’s the most impressive rollerblader model I’ve ever seen, really good work! I’ve been toying with making a rollerblading game for a few years now, I’m a competent Java/C/C++ programmer about to graduate from university. If I were to start a project to develop a game would you be interested in helping out with some modelling? It’s something I know nothing about except for a bit of messing around in truespace…

  3. shuma Says:

    Hi, dre.
    It would be awesome to make a rollerblading game! But not an easy task for sure.
    If you need some modeling, I could help for sure.
    I’ll contact you by mail to discuss more about it!

  4. jose Says:

    i would also be down to make a rollerblading game, i have a degree in 3D animation. I was so stoked to see this character, so i sent the link over to rollernews, glad to see that it made the site. Good work, keep it up

  5. joe Says:

    i know nothing about this kind of stuff but you did an absolutely amazing job on this character. Also a rollerblading game would melt my face off.

  6. ryan reeves Says:

    im a rollerblader myself and im getting bored of playing tony hawk games and EA skate, even though they are great. but its time for something new so keep me posted.

  7. ecto Says:

    This is just amazing, i’ve seen the old rollerblading games (Aggressive Inline and Rolling), but that is nothing compared to this. It’s real a quality model, please you people, get together and make a game, you’ll get a sponsor who will finance you, i’m sure!

  8. nes Says:

    Great work! very surprised with this concept….i’m a rollerblader, and like ryan says…getting bored of playing tony hawk
    congratulationes dude!


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